Just do it

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Have you ever wondered why you just can’t get certain things done?

Is your To Do list growing instead of shrinking?

It frustrates me that certain thing I really want to do just don’t seem to happen. The crazy part is I am busy all the time!  I’m just not doing the couple of things I really want to do. They are priorities, goals, and dreams. .;l.

Can you relate? Read on for a quick and 3-part solution.

It is my belief that business weighs on a sensitive scale. We need to be busy to accomplish things. But what makes us busy is the tipping point.

  1. Look at your calendar. Are you looking at what you really want to do?
  2. Remove a couple of commitments that you can let go of for a couple of weeks.
  3. In those slots, schedule your time. Even if it’s only an hour.

It’s okay to let a couple of things go for a couple of days (weeks, months). The key to fulfilling your goals and dreams is to just begin. Take one step, even if it’s a small one. Then take another tomorrow. Then take another and another.

One of my mantras is “Just show up.” Show up for your scheduled time to do that thing. Keep showing up and you will be amazed at how it begins to flow.

Big things are accomplished one step at a time.

Sharing hope.


On Being You


This is going to be super great. I had this dream last night. In my dream I was wearing 2 shirts.

I love dreams that get my attention. I look for unusual situations, things that are out of place. Then I ask questions about the details. This particular dream got my attention for a couple of reasons. I could wait to get up and journal about it. Whoa! It’s message is huge.

Want to know what it’s about? You can sign up to preview the journal in May, or wait and buy it later this year!


Spring planting!

IMG_1167I received two encouraging words today. The first came written in this text. The second came verbally through a woman I greatly respect and admire.

The law of sowing and reaping is more real than we might care to admit. It’s not often that you can sow and reap in the same day. It can happen, but it’s not the norm. Like planting a garden from seed, growing things to harvest take time. Often the better quality stuff takes much longer to grow. Stuff that comes quickly tends to be “cheap”.

We are such an impatient people. We seem to have lost our ability to wait for it. If the line is too long, we won’t bother. If we can’t get overnight shipping, we won’t order it. Sometimes we are willing to pay more just to have it now. The phrase “time is money” might actually mean something different than how we use it. Hummm….

So, this morning these two ladies sowed kind, encouraging words into my day, into my life.  It totally changed the flavor of my morning. It lifted my spirits and helped me to do a little kind encouraging sowing into others lives. Their words were unsolicited, from their heart toward me, and they each took the minute to communicate them to me. I felt abundantly blessed.

It’s spring time and I am sowing my vegetable garden seeds. Tomatoes, kale, spaghetti squash, garlic, and sweet potatoes. They won’t be ready for harvest for a couple months. I’ll have to sow now though if I want to enjoy them later. This summer as we enjoy the tomatoes I’ll probably remember sowing those seeds and nurturing them as they grow.

Kindness and encouragement are the same as these seeds. So often we sow a kind word, many times over and over, until one day weeks and months in the future, it comes back to us. It’s the law of sowing. This law works for pretty much everything, good, bad, and ugly. Ugly words and actions also work by sowing and reaping. Have you got some bad stuff growing in your relationships currently? Look back over time. Most likely you planted something that grew into this unhealthy thing. Be aware of what kinds of seeds you are sowing today. More than likely it will come back to you in the future. Make it count for the better!

Sharing hope for a better tomorrow.

scattering seeds

Stain Remover – Jesus Style

Confession time:stain-remover

I spill things. I drop things. Sometimes my pen inks up my clothing. It happens frequently enough that I carry a stain remover stick in my purse. I usually buy the 3 pack because I go through them so quickly. It used to bother me, but now I just work around it. Thank goodness for my stain remover stick.

There are other confessions in my life due to stains. I’ve screwed up and made some bad mistakes. I’ve caused relationship train wrecks. I’ve hurt myself and hurt others in the process. Those required a bigger stain remover stick. They were too big for good ole’ Mr. Clean. It took a God-size, supernatural ingredient to get those stains out. The heart of God made incarnate, the blood of a perfect, heaven-sent Savior to wash my stains away.

This week we are in the midst of the Easter season. A time when the Christian world remembers the shed blood of our Savior. It truly is amazing that the blood shed that day covered all my sin stains, all your sin stains, even the ones that haven’t happened yet.  Jesus fulfilled His main purpose with each drop of His blood shed that day.  He became the ultimate Stain Remover.

So, picture this: We are hanging out enjoying some chips and cheese dip, tacos and chalupas together. We talk and laugh and nosh on our food. Suddenly that little drip of cheese falls off your chip onto your shirt. BAM. It’s there and there’s no hiding it. Out comes the stain remover stick to wash up that stain and set you looking fabulous again. What are you going to do? Say “No thanks. I’ll just sit here looking all cheesy.” That would be silly. The remedy is being handed to you free of charge. You’ll clean up and move on, until the next time. Then you’ll clean that spill up and move on. That is the purpose of a stain remover. To clean up each time there is a mess.

Jesus is so much like the stain remover. He has covered the past stains, and He has covered the ones yet to happen. Everyone has a choice what to do with this. Are you going to sit there looking cheesy and say “No thanks.”? It seems kind of silly now doesn’t it. I won’t charge you to use my stain remover stick. Jesus doesn’t ask anything either. He is free, and wants you to go ahead and make use of His finished work.

So, maybe this week, amidst the colored eggs and plastic grass and chocolate bunnies, you will take a moment and reach out for the Stain Remover; Jesus already has it covered. Free of charge. Past, present, and future stains.